Art Print, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Movie Poster


Summary of the story
Breakfast at Tiffany's is about a young woman named Holly Golightly. Holly was married at a very young age but moved to New York so she could be happy. While in New York, Holly meets a man named Paul Varjak. At first, Paul does not like Holly, though she hopes to become his friend. Over time, they form a friendship and an undeniable romantic attraction form between the two. Eventually, Holly learns that running from her "old life" will not make her happy. She learns a lot about herself and how to truly be happy, no matter where she lives or who she is friends with. The movie ends with a very famous scene with Holly and Paul standing in the rain.
Holly believes that material possessions (money and jewelry) will make her happy. She spends time in expensive jewelry stores wishing she had enough money to buy something inside. She sometimes gets a breakfast pastry in the morning and takes it with her to look in the stores. When she spends a day with Paul, she takes him to her favorite jewelry store, Tiffany & Co., just so they can look at all the fine jewelry.