7ieme Exposition, Frederic Cazals

Frédéric-Auguste Cazals (1865 - Villemomble , 1941) is a French cartoonist , writer and illustrator .

Cazals was one of the closest friends of Paul Verlaine from 1886 to the death of the poet: in 1891, he illustrates at Leon Vanier , his collection My hospitals and in 1894, he produced a poster for the 7th exhibition of Salon des Cent , on which, in the foreground, is drawn Paul Verlaine, and, in the background, Jean Moréas : this work is reproduced in the magazine Les Maîtres de l'affiche (1895-1900).

Cazals also illustrated two works by Alfred Jarry .

On Verlaine's death, he inherited, among other things, the only copy - at that time - of Arthur Rimbaud's book, A Season in Hell , which he later sold to politician collector Louis Barthou for the sum of 100 gold francs 2 .

He collaborated with numerous periodicals including La Halle aux charges (1882-1885), Men of Today (1887), La Plume , Le Courrier Français , Men of the Day , Jugend , La Revue bleue 3 .

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